Ceramic Fixed Braces

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Fitted to the front of your teeth, cosmetic or ceramic fixed braces offer effective treatment combined with a more subtle appearance. This makes them ideal braces for children and adults who need comprehensive orthodontic work and would like the braces to be less obvious to others. Ceramic braces work exactly the same as traditional metal braces, the only difference is they are made of clear porcelain which give them the appearance of being invisible. They are an excellent choice for patients who need braces but don’t want to have visible metal braces.

Natural look

Goodbye metallic shine: Braces are made of transparent ceramics. So your natural tooth colour can shine through – for an unobtrusive look.

Do not discolour

No matter what you eat or drink: Ceramic Braces don’t discolour and don’t stain.

As efficient as metal braces

They move your teeth just as efficiently as conventional metal braces – with the special difference that they are much less noticeable.

High wearing comfort

Wellness for your teeth: Ceramic Braces are especially smooth, lie flat against your teeth, and have a pleasantly round modelling. For extreme comfort during wear.


Look forward to your new smile today!

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